Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wash Plant For Sale, includes water pump and welding trailer

Wash Plant For Sale, includes water pump and welding trailer
- mobile design, drag it where you want to mine
- less than 50 hours of mining
- Kabota engine
- Grizzly
- three sluices on their shaker
- nugget trap
- one owner
- gator included

- 20K gallons
- 6” in and 6” out! ! !
- 300’ of 6" hoses

- arc welder
- two tanks
- wrenches, mining tools

Wash Plant For Sale, includes water pump and welding trailer

Wash Plant For Sale, includes water pump and welding trailer

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cleaning up the sluice box in Montana

Cleaning up the sluice box in Montana
Les and Albie removing the riffles on one of our  projects here in Montana.

We were getting almost 98% coarse nugget gold and this was all the sluice that we needed.

Cleanups were fast and very easy.
This is usually not the case on most mining projects. Mountains of carpet and blacksands are usually the norm, and a sore back thats for sure!

Check out the web site for more information.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sluice box: what is with all the water

sluice box
I was working on a small cutterhead dredge on the Caronie River in Venezuela in 2003. This dredge was very successful. You can see the lower pulp density and the enormous amount of water going through the sluice box.

When we did a cleanup, it amazed me to see the amount of fine gold that was captured. I spent the usual time worrying what we lost but the front of the box was very good with the recovery of fine Gold and even an occasional Diamond.

Great day of fishing

great day of fishing

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mineral Handler Tray: new sizes and new inventory

Mineral Handler Tray: new sizes and new inventory
Just had my buddy make up a bunch of these easy mineral handler trays.

These trays make handling your  Gold, Sapphires or Diamonds very efficient. I have used these for may years and strongly advise any mining venture, to have 5 or 6 of these in your cleanup room.

They are made of stainless steel and make gold concentrate cleanup with a magnet, a snap.

I have been using these for over thirty years and I just love them.

We offer them on our website. Gold dredgers, the weekend prospector or alluvial commercial operations, will benefit from these trays. Spring breakup is just around the corner!! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

The last day of the 2014 Montana Gold Mining season!

Montana Gold Mining
My brother Les my best friend and unbelievable Mining partner are giving it a good shake.

We had a good year of placer mining and we are congratulating each other after we shut down the water pump on our last day.

We are looking forward to another year and I have been busy with next years mining plan. Next year we will be working old unworked pockets near some old hydraulic workings.

Mine site reclamation on our Montana Placer Gold mining project.

Mine site reclamation
This is a snapshot of our Gold mining project here in Montana this year.

We have a strong emphasis on reclamation.  This is a photo of our reclamation of the previously mined out area of our mine site.

We have exhausted this lower part of the meadow but have some more promising targets on this property.

We will have two or thee weeks of reclamation this spring before we start mining again.

Gold mining project
I am walking along a reseeded portion of our mined out site and I am very pleased with the revegitation that has taken place.

Visit my web site to learn more.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Wash Plant: Vibrating Screen - FOR SALE

This wash plants has been sold.

Wash Plant: Vibrating Screen - FOR SALE

Wash Plant: Vibrating Screen - FOR SALE

PRODUCTION: For sale 50+ yph

TYPE: vibrating screen on skids

SLUICE BOXES: two 4' x 16' with expanded metal

SETUP: a 5/8" screen deck, a 20' discharge stacker, intake value is 6", includes 24 wash nozzles.

USE: used one mining season


PRICE: $52,000 (USD)

Made in USA