Friday, August 29, 2014

A good panner will help your placer mining endeavors.

This year we changed things up a bit and added Paul to our team this year.

Paul pans each level of our pay gravel seam.  Top to bottom everyday and its the toughest job on the project. His efforts have really assisted me in determining what I send to the plant. Our grades are fairly low and I have been able to keep our mining plan on track.

A jack of all trades from driving the rock truck to feeding the plant we are lucky to have him.

Accurate panning is essential to keep your pay gravel grade in your economic margins.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lost Treasure Hunters: Animal Planet Starts Monday, 28 July, For Three Days

Lost Treasure Hunters: Animal Planet Starts Monday, 28 July, For Three Days
We are excited to let you know that the Animal Planet is doing a marathon of the Lost Treasure Hunter episodes (six total) for three days starting Monday the 28th of July.

Click here to check the schedule of Animal Planet ...
.... look under Monday the 28, Tuesday the 29th, and Wednesday the 30th.

Unless it changes, right now it looks like they start at 6 PM and runs to Midnight.

Check out Rob and his fellow treasure hunters as they search for diamonds in India.  They're real-life Indiana Joneses -- but for profit rather than posterity. In this series, prospector Sam Speerstra and his team of treasure hunters investigate the clues left by ancient civilizations, then go in search of long-lost riches. Their work begins in an ancient Indian city believed to have been the source of some of the world's most valuable diamonds, including the Hope diamond. Legend has it that the diamond mines of Golconda were depleted 250 years ago, but Speerstra believes the area is still rich with gems. He has dedicated his life to finding them, and this is his final chance, for the impending construction of a dam will soon erase the mines from the Indian landscape

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Big Sky Gold Mining

Big Sky Gold mining
We are saddled up and washing gold again. We finished up some reclamation; have a good stockpile of pay gravel,  and a new mining plan; its 16 hrs a day mining in Montana.

I do have internet but its painfully slow as we are very remote. Blogs will be a bit sparse.

Check out the July issue of Rock and Gem. I wrote an article about gold mining in Montana.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Montana Placer Mining (Rock & Gem Magazine article)

Montana Placer Mining

Rob has a great article in the July, 2014 issue of the Rock & Gem magazine. Here is the link to read it and view the pictures too - click here.

Reclamation at our placer mine

Reclamation at our placer mine
Just finishing up our reclamation on the ground we mined last year and it looks good.
Reclamation at our placer mine
My grandson comes over for a visit with grampa every chance he gets!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A good little trommel wash plant going to recover some Montana gold

trommel wash plant going to recover some  Montana gold
We finished up a wash plant that we refurbished and it worked very well. The startup today went well and our clients should like this trommel plant as its work will be for sure busy this summer.

They have an eager crew and I anticipate that they will recover a lot of gold this summer. We wish them all the best.

We will get on the rest of the summer on our gold mining placer project and wish all my fellow gold miners best of luck!
trommel wash plant going to recover some  Montana gold

trommel wash plant going to recover some  Montana gold

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A good gold wash plant ready to ship out

gold wash plant
My brother Les after our day of finishing up some details that always pop up as you are commissioning a plant. Les is a tireless craftsman and the best can do guy I ever met.

We spent the day loading up the conveyor and getting tools ready for the setup of the wash plant for our clients. We will spend a few days making sure everything is on track and hand over the plant to the new gold miners

We wish them the best of luck and hope they get a thousand ounces this year!!!  I like this plant and wish they would trade it for mine on our project.

With a few weeks of reclamation and repairs to our plant we hope to be running gravel in a couple of weeks on our mining project.
gold wash plant

gold wash plant